Our Vision

The Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University is a leading medical education institution in Egypt and its international environment, known for its distinguished programs at the undergraduate and graduate level and among the most attractive colleges for students of other countries and among the leading colleges for distinguished scientific research that contributes to the development of society according to national priorities.

Our Mission

The Faculty of Medicine , Suez Canal University aims to prepare competent doctors who have the skills of self-learning and scientific research able to meet the health needs of the individual and society at the national and international levels, and the college adopts sound scientific research methodically and ethically committed, oriented and based in the community in a way that is compatible with global scientific progress; and the college contributes with Community actors in providing high-quality health care, at an appropriate economic cost, at all levels.

 Our General Objectives

1. Providing high-quality educational programs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

2. Graduating competent physicians who are able to provide health care at all levels with a focus on the primary health care level.

3. Linking medical education with the health needs of society and the latest scientific developments in the field of medicine.

4. Cooperating with the Ministry of Health and other health service providers to establish an integrated health care system as well as for the development of manpower in the Suez Canal and Sinai region, taking into account the resources currently available and those that may be available in the future.

5. Providing high quality health services at an appropriate cost at all levels of health care, whether it is the first, second or third specialist level.

6. Providing programs for continuing medical education for manpower in the health field.

7. Conducting community-oriented research, based at the same time on the latest scientific developments at the global level.

8. Cooperating with community organizations to spread medical culture and healthy awareness among members of society.

 Our Core Values include honesty and truth,  justice and non-discrimination, transparency, and academic freedom.

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